Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer's end

Ahhh drawing always keeps me up late at night! Here is a rather ominous looking summery illustration. :)

summer's end
Sakura microns + Photoshop CS4 + PaintTool SAI 1.01 
Paper texture from

(I'm totally going to look at this tomorrow and want to tweak it, aren't I? :P)
Anyway, I should get back to the shark card soon. Hope to get it done in a week!

I feel like I achieved a lot today! I wanted to draw something:
1) original - I've been drawing too much fanart lately...
2) female - I've been practicing drawing males but was starting to feel rusty
3) full-body - portraits are my cop-out :'D
4) to practice lineart and inking - I feel I've been relying on digital painting too much. I tend to work out my anatomy while I paint (with gratuitous horizontal image flipping and free-transforming), so I wanted to get back to sketching on paper. I had to Photoshop my inked lines a lot though hahaha!
5) to practice cel-shading: I'm still pretty noob, so critiques are welcome!

I'm also glad I got to break out the swirly clouds and water. I haven't really drawn those since 2006 in an xxxHolic fanart. So fun! :)


Nicole Grace McLean said...

Wow Joyce! She looks beautiful... and yes, very ominous for the summer time!

I'm happy you are drawing so much! I want to see more :)

Joyce said...

Thanks Nicole! I'm trying to crank out as many personal drawings now while I still can! :)

I see you've been drawing a lot too! :D