Thursday, August 25, 2011

T&B: Kaburagi T. Kotetsu

Finished procrastinating on packing drawing Kotetsu while listening to his dorky character song lol! I'm not really satisfied with it but I think it's time to move on. I've had enough of Tiger & Bunny portraits! I had a pretty difficult time with this drawing - not used to drawing older men with darker skin tones. And that hand! And that watch! And that hat! Ugh! I'm too ashamed to admit how long this took me... Might have to give him plastic surgery later. :P

This one is supposed to match the Barnaby I drew earlier!

Kaburagi T. Kotetsu
PaintTool SAI 1.01 + Photoshop CS4

Although I really enjoy drawing Barnaby, Kotetsu is actually my favourite character from Tiger & Bunny. You just can't help but like the guy. Two days until ep 22! :D


Anonymous said...

amazing!:O my jaw dropped for this one(n for the barnaby one!!). holy crap you're good. (*_*)'

Joyce said...

@drend: Thanks so much for your kind words! :)