Monday, August 22, 2011

WIP T&B: Kaburagi Kotetsu

I tried so hard to fix my sleep schedule, and it lasted about three days...  I decided it was time to attempt a drawing of Kotetsu from Tiger & Bunny to go with Barnaby. I just couldn't get into drawing Kotetsu's hair - not curly/layered enough for my tastes! ;) 

I was discussing with some friends about drawing speed and I think I'm a really slow artist. This is where I'm at five hours in (from blank canvas)... I expected this to be done in less than three hours. :(

That hand/arm is giving me a lot of grief (and just noticed the strange colour difference from his face haha...)!

Shall continue at a more reasonable hour! 


Nicole Grace McLean said...

Jeepers Joyce! You are must faster than I am! I think you are super fast... this would take me like, 10 hours to do!

I love how you do your noses. They always look so nice :)

Joyce said...

Thanks Nicole! I've been working on rendering noses a lot in the last year or two because anime destroyed my ability to draw noses lol! :)

The final actually took me 10 hours to do. :S