Sunday, August 14, 2011

T&B: Barnaby version 3

EDIT: half a year later... I repainted his face again lol. I can't even tell if I'm making it better or worse anymore, but I thought the proportions looked a little better like this. Until next time... :'D

Barnaby Brooks Jr.
PaintTool SAI 1.01

I ended up spending the night giving my Barnaby illustration more plastic surgery and refining the CGing. I think school has caused me to become much more obsessive persistent with reworking my art. Okay, someone take this drawing away from me, I'm probably going to want to tweak it again in a few days... :P

Revised gag version because I just can't take Barnaby all that seriously (especially after episode 19 :'D)!

"Kotetsu-san... Why did you bitch-slap me? *weeps*

It is Saturday, but the subs for episode 20 aren't out yet... Sadness. D: